The 4 R’s – Reclaimed, Reused, Recycled and Refurbished

A big part of what I try to do at BSSB Design is to make the most of salvaged and second hand materials – giving them a new lease of life while aiming to make furniture and interior items as sustainably as possible.

Although I often use new timber and steel in a lot of my designs, this section is for pieces that are made almost entirely from reclaimed items. Sometimes that means refurbishing and refinishing a tired old piece of furniture, and sometimes it involves totally changing the use of an item. Whether it’s an old desk given a new lease of life for someone’s office, or a industrial food mixer attachment turned into a lamp, there are few things as satisfying as refurbishing a neglected piece of furniture, or repurposing and recycling objects for new uses.

All items in this section are one-off pieces unless specified otherwised, but if you see something you like, drop me a line and we can discuss the options of finding a similar piece.

More One-Off creations coming soon

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