This is the really dull and boring stuff but it’s important so please do read before placing an order with BSSB Design.

If you have any questions about any of the points below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Please read the information below before placing your order with BSSB Design.
    • Payment of deposit and subsequent confirmation of your order is based on acceptance of all Terms and Conditions detailed here.
    • This Site and its original content and features are owned by BSSB Design
    • You/Your/Buyer/User/Customer means the user of the website and/or any person who places an order with BSSB Design
    • BSSB Design we/us/our means BSSB Design
    • Bespoke/Made to order means any piece made specifically to order, to customers specification
    • ‘Core Products’ refers to any items in the Products section of the website
    • ‘One-Off Products’ refers to any item in the 4 R’s section of the website
    • ‘Bespoke Products’ refers to any item designed from scratch, to customers specification
    • Order Confirmation means the point at which any deposit has been paid and order has been confirmed via email.
    • UK Mainland means any part of mainland Great Britain, excluding any area/island that is not geographically land linked to the UK Island.
    • The working week is considered to be Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.
    • If you have any queries regarding the website, the Terms & Conditions or BSSB Design, please contact us via email at or by phone on 07999 xxx xxx
    • Unless specified all items are made to order and can be placed in three categories; Core Products (Products), One-off Products (The 4 R’s) and Bespoke Products (Create)
    • ‘Core Products’ – These are made to a set design, although size can often be altered. Wood type, stain and varnish as well as metal finishing can be specified.
    • ‘One-Off Products’ are made from a mixture of new and recycled materials and usually can’t be widely replicated as they depend on the availability of materials used.
    • ‘Bespoke Products’ involve us working with the customer to make furniture to your design and specification. Practicalities of materials, design and workshop space apply.
    • You will receive email confirmation as soon as you make an enquiry. If any more details are required to provide the quotation they will be requested in this email. We will then send an estimated quotation form and initial drawings if necessary.
    • Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days.
    • If the quotation/drawings are acceptable then we will send an invoice detailing the deposit amount required to secure the order. Once the deposit payment clears we will advise a more exact delivery timescale.
    • Further amendments to any initial drawing will only be made once the deposit payment has cleared and the order approved.
    • Payment of the deposit is regarded as confirmation of acceptance of all Terms and Conditions listed here.
    • One the deposit payment has cleared any significant changes to the design/specification/ materials/delivery timescale made by the customer may result in extra charges being levied to the final balance payment.
    • What constitutes a ‘Significant change’ is at the discretion of BSSB Design.
    • If a required change cannot be accommodated resulting the cancellation of the order, this shall be subject to the terms laid out in Section 8 Order Cancellation
    • BSSB Design will not be liable for any loss or cancellation of order that may arise from change in specification as advised by the customer. This includes dimensions, measurements and aesthetic changes.
    • If we need to make any changes to the design/specification/materials/delivery timescale we will contact you at the earliest opportunity to discuss.
    • With the exception of ‘One-Off Products’ all items are made to order – we do not hold stock and in normal circumstances do not manufacture in volume.
    • ‘Core Products’ items will usually need to be made from scratch and the lead time is 4-6 weeks.
    • ‘One-Off Products’ items listed as ‘in stock’ with an accompanying price with be delivered within 7-14 working days in usual circumstances.
    • ‘Bespoke Products’ delivery timescale will depend on the design and materials used. An estimated production time will be advised at the point of initial quotation but may change between submission of quotation and confirmation of order/clearing of deposit payment.
    • If you require an order within a specific timescale please let us know at the point of initial enquiry.

    • For ‘Core Products’ and ‘Bespoke Products’ we require a deposit payment of at least 50% in advance. This will be specified on the quotation form.
    • The balance of payment will be required once we advise that the order is complete and ready for delivery. Delivery will only be made once the balance payment has cleared.
    • For ‘One-Off Products’ full payment will be required before the item is delivered.
    • We accept payments via Bank Transfer. Although we do accept cheques this method will cause delays with the order as the cheque needs to clear before we consider the payment complete. We do not accept debit/credit card payments made over the phone.
    • The goods remain property of BSSB Design until the full payment has been received and the item delivered to the address specified on the invoice.

    • All photos of our products on and the associated Facebook and Instagram pages are there to illustrate the design, look and style of the piece in question. We endeavour to portray all items accurately but variations in wood colour and character between photos and the finished product may occur.
    • Colours of images will be affected by the settings and calibration of individual screens.

    • Orders for ‘Core Products’ and ‘Bespoke Products’ can only be fully cancelled within 2 working days of the order being confirmed. Cancellation within this time will result in full refund of any deposit paid.
    • Orders cancelled 2- 10 working days from order confirmation will result in 50% refund of the deposit paid.
    • Orders cancelled after 10 working days from order confirmation will result in 0% refund of the deposit paid.
    • ‘One-Off Products’ can be cancelled up to the point of order dispatch for a 100% refund. Please see Section 13 Returns/Refundsfor further information about procedure after dispatch.

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that all measurements provided are taken carefully and are correct, if needed please contact us for advice. Remember that it is not only the space for your furniture that needs measuring, but also access to that location. Please bear in mind doorways, narrow hallways, stairs, tight corners etc. BSSB Design will not be able to offer refunds for any piece made to provided dimensions that does not fit in the desired location
    • Where design allows items may be able to be disassembled for transport and delivery and then assembled in location by the customer. We will advise if this is the case.
    • Please also be aware of other factors that could affect installation of your furniture such as skirting boards, window sills uneven flooring, clearance for adjacent doors/windows etc.
    • If required, we may be able to undertake a site visit to take measurements but there may be an extra charge for this and is dependent on your location.

    • Wood is a natural product – each piece is unique in its look, grain patterns and character and no two pieces will look exactly the same, even when using the same stain or finish. While every effort will be made to match the colour of a finished piece to any sample supplied there may be slight differences which are part of using real wood and make your piece of furniture truly unique.
    • We do not offer a colour matching service to existing pieces of furniture. It may be possible to get a similar colour or tone, but refunds/returns will not be offered in the case of an item not matching an existing piece.
    • Items ordered at different times may have differences in colour/finish. If you would like a number of pieces to all match they need to be ordered and produced at the same time.
    • We endeavour to use as much reclaimed as recycled wood as possible but we do also use new timber in certain cases/designs.
    • If you require only reclaimed wood to be used please let us know in your initial enquiry and we will do our best to accommodate.
    • If you do not specify what type of timber you would like to use in your item (reclaimed or new) or the rustic character of the finished item, we take this as approval to use whichever is the most suitable material we have current access to. It is your responsibility to advise if there is a specific look or aesthetic you require.
    • Reclaimed wood will have wear and tear from their previous uses whether that be as scaffold boards, floor boards, pallets or roof beams etc. They may well have some or all of the following features; nail and screw holes, saw marks, paint, rust marks, knots, splits. This is part of the natural character of using reclaimed wood.
    • All boards will be shaped and sanded to ensure there are no sharp edges or splinters, and varnish will be applied to ensure a long lasting smooth finish. Level of finish will depend on furniture application and customer request.
    • Please let us know if you require a more polished or rustic finish on your item.
    • Wood is susceptible to changes in heat and moisture. While we aim to take account for wood swelling and shrinking in our designs, BSSB Design will not be held responsible for any damage or movement in your furniture caused by it being placed in areas where temperature or moisture could alter drastically. For example, heat from positioning directly near a radiator, dry atmosphere from under floor heating or damp from outdoor placement (unless item is specified as outdoor furniture)
    • Wood stain can also be affected by direct sunlight placement.
    • The look and finish of your furniture will alter over time with use, cleaning etc – this is part of the joys of real wood furniture and is not indicative of poor workmanship or a fault with the finishing. We can advise on cleaning/refinishing techniques if necessary.
    • BSSB Design cannot offer refunds or free repairs on items that have been affected by any extreme environmental factors. We may be able to repair items however there will be a labour and pick up/redelivery charge.

    • Depending on customer location and size of piece we use a variety of shipping methods; BSSB Design delivery, Courier Company (UPS, DPD etc) or AnyVan.
    • Standard delivery will be undertaken during normal working hours
    • With exceptions, deliveries within 25 miles of Birminghan are free. Outside of this delivery charges will vary but will be specified on your quotation.
    • Standard delivery is available to the UK Mainland only.
    • Delivery to areas outside the UK may be possible, please contact us for information.
    • Unless specified otherwise deliveries are a one-man service, so assistance may be required
    • Where BSSB Design are able to deliver ourselves we will endeavour to deliver within the agreed time slot, however we will contact you if there are any changes or delays.
    • BSSB Design is not able to take responsibility for the time slots or delivery details given by third party couriers.
    • Delivery is usually to the ground floor of your specified address, and one-man couriers will not always bring large packages to first floor or above apartments. Please ensure that there is someone able to assist with the delivery. Delivery drivers will often be happy to assist if there is no risk to their health and safety, or your property.
    • Please advise if there are any specialist instructions for delivery (access time restrictions, lack of goods lift etc) as accommodating these may incur extra charges.
    • If no one is present at the delivery location at the date/time agreed a re-delivery charge will be levied. This will be incurred even if there was no charge for the original delivery. This charge will also be applied if you change or cancel the agreed date/time less than 48 hours prior.
    • Where items delivered require assembly we will supply full instructions, hardware and details of tools required.
    • BSSB Design is not responsible for installation of any permanently fixed items (such as wall mounted cabinets, frames, shelves etc), or for any issue that may arise for inadequate fitting by you the customer or anyone employed by you to perform the installation.
    • A delivery note will be attached to your order. Please sign to confirm receipt in good order, scan/photograph and to send to us.

    • We strive to ensure that you are satisfied with the furniture that you receive. Should there be a fault with the item on delivery, or the incorrect item has been delivered please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we will advise further.
    • Please unpack any delivery as soon as possible and inspect. If there is any damage from transit, please detail on the delivery note and take photos. Contact BSSB Design at the earliest opportunity and we will advise further.
    • Claims for transit damage will not be accepted after 48 hours from delivery.

    • ‘Core Products’ and ‘Bespoke Products’ – Furniture that is made to order is not subject to distance selling regulations. Therefore, these items cannot be returned for refund.
    • ‘One-Off Products’ – Once the item has been delivered it can be returned up to 14 working days from the date of delivery. Either the item should be returned at your cost, or a collection fee will be charged. In the latter case the collection fee will be deducted from the refund. The refund will not be credited to you until the item has been received back to us in resellable condition.
    • We will only retain personal details needed in relation to your order – name, address, contact numbers and email.
    • Once your order is complete your details will be archived. No details will be kept in an unsecure physical or online location
    • We will only share details with companies who require it to fulfil your order, for example delivery companies.